"Their songs are hypnotic, often burrowing into the listener's consciousness with irresistible repeated lyrical phrases, musical drones, and richly vibrant instrumentation. "

-The Arts Paper, (Hank Hoffman), "Music Is The Connection: Olive Tiger's Songs Transcend Genre"  

"Love standard fare indie rock, but wish there was something more? Enter Olive Tiger, a prolific songwriting trio, featuring non-standard instrumentation of orchestral strings, electronics, and more. Their debut album Until My Body Breaks expands on indie/pop sensibilities to create something new. At times heavily orchestrated, while keeping at its core ad simple and compelling singer/songwriter feel, Olive Tiger keeps you on your toes, throughout." -The Deli Magazine (Brian Varneke), "New Haven's Olive Tiger Releases Impressive Debut, Until My Body Breaks"


"A lone cellist with flower embroidered boots took the stage promptly at 8:30. Several of my friends have recommended I catch the New Haven-based Olive Tiger and I immediately understood why. A mixture of plucking, strumming and bow work on the cello combined with etherial looped vocals transfixed the already tightly packed Ballroom. Olive played a few songs from their recently released debut album Until My Body Breaks and then invited violinist Jesse Newman on stage for their 'solo duo' configuration for two songs. There were shouts from the audience of 'I love you Olive!' as she transitioned from cello to electric guitar for her final songs. The volume of conversation quickly rose, I was uncertain Olive would win back the attention of the audience, but she easily did. Her calm demeanor was a refreshing sight."

-Surviving the Golden Age, (Audra Napolitano), "Kishi Bashi at The Ballroom, Hamden, CT"


"Their debut album, 'Until My Body Breaks,' released earlier this year by New London's The Telegraph Recording Company label, is a triumph of exotic and ambitious sonic atmosphere that transforms Olive's visionary pop songs into something very new and distinct. But Olive's cello lines — which are interwoven and sculpted through clever utilization of a loop pedal — are only part of a dense recipe. Violinist Jesse Newman adds a further "classical" component, and drummer Dane Scozzari and bassist John "Greeno" Greenawalt provide bottom-end rhythm figures that range from tight-pocket groove to contrapuntal exclamation points. Swirling atop like exotic birds are Olive's haunting vocal melodies, which at times recall Amy Winehouse working in a post-war Eastern European cabaret. Olive also uses the loop pedal to sculpt creative vocal treatments and pretzel-twist harmonies."

-The Day, (Rick Koster), "Olive Tiger Brings Distinct Sound Thursday To 33 Golden"

Olive Tiger delivers a soulful and dynamic take on electro-folk that showcases their musicianship, from stunning, stripped-down ballads like “Lament” – capturing their early, acoustic-folk leanings – to lush, intricately looped tracks like their lead single, “Find Myself,” that harken to hip-hop, glitching and flowing in the band’s new direction... Lead singles 'Find Myself' and 'Dark' really show what Olive Tiger can do, as far as building spacey electro-folk landscapes that defy genre and wriggle their ways into your mind."

-The Cut-Up, (Danielle Capalbo), "A Healing Sound: Olive Tiger’s debut album ‘Until My Body Breaks’"


“The twinkly song is out of this world—painting vivid scenes of impossible beauty, luxurious scenescapes, and creative outbursts."

-That's Why We Musyc, (Angela Flores), "Single Review: Olive Tiger 'Dark'"

"A futuristic trio, OT fuses chamber music elements, pop, electronic treatments, loops and percussion.

Olive put on a dazzling mononomenclatural set of e’er intricately-conceptualized material."

-The Day, (Rick Koster), "Live Lunch Break Flashback: Olive Tiger"

"With seductive rhythms, whispers of cello, and electronic tinge, the single ["Dark"] is pure sonic goodness."

-GroundSounds, (Jon Berrien), "New Haven-Based Electro-Folk Trio Olive Tiger Premiere "Dark" 

"Olive Tiger might be one of the greatest things to happen to music since Courtney Barnett."

-AudioFuzz, (Phil King), "Darkly Entertaining: Olive Tiger, 'Find Myself'"

"...a dizzying, neat and totally charming mix of cello and voice loops, drums and ironed-out strings..."

-New Haven Independent, (Lucy Gellman)

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